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Ella Perepechina
Executive Director

Baltiski Memorial MTU
Toostuse 11-20, Tallinn ,
10413, Estonia

e-mail: es@baltmemo.ee.ee

GSM: +372 56946964 


Severin Tarasov
Our representative
in Estonia

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tel: +372 56158751



Baltic Memorial legal department provides an opportunity of legal residence and employment at the territory of the European Union based on applying for first Residence Permit (hereinafter named RP) of two-year duration. The legal basis of RP is ownership of the small enterprise or a commercial company similar to Limited Liability Company (LLC, GmbH, SARL etc).

Most European countries encourage Residence Permit as type of documented immigration because it redounds to recruitment of young and able to work people, increase of taxable persons’ quantity and budgetary recharge accordingly. We advise you to start immigration procedure to EU directly with applying for the Residence Permit in one of the European countries (Czech Republic, Lithuania, etc). Moreover, it is possible to request for the RP for the whole family. With such type of Residence Permit (temporary or permanent) you have the right to travel and reside within the territory of whole European Union without any time limitations, to acquire and possess real and personal property, land and means of transport, to study, to leave and to work for yourself within the framework of your own enterprise.

Our legal department renders you an advisory opinion and accompanies you at the each stage of applying for Residence Permit. We are ready to provide accounting, auditing and legal services to your company in case of necessity.

All our clients are interested in receiving reliable information and qualitative services while giving us difficult and rather specific tasks. Hence we offer personal and confidential consultation for each of our applicants; we afford the opportunity of particularly personal solution of the questions and propose only proven technologies and schemes for our clients. The team of Baltic Memorial is formed by highly experienced professionals; therefore we always achieve the target objective in a solution of each problem, posed by our clients on an individual basis.

Dear Sirs!

You have an opportunity to order an international postage-stamp of 0005732 Eesti Post series. This stamp, intended for post mailing from Estonia to different countries, is emitted by our organization “Baltic Memorial” into the honour of two outstanding personalities of today: Michael Khodorkovskiy and Platon Lebedev. They are Men of unbending spirit, Fighters with keen honor and self-esteem, which are courageous enough to launch a challenge against the totalitarian and dictatorial regime in contemporary Russia! The current officials’ lawlessness and rough justice, which take place in Russia today deprive all thinking citizens within the territory of Federation and sympathizing citizens of neighbouring countries of last illusions and hopes for the democratic way of development of this country hence coherent development of good-neighbourly relations.

All so-called procedures of authority’s democratization and activities forwarded to defend the rights and freedoms of Russian citizens within the country and abroad should be considered taking into account cynical domestic policy of total lawlessness and pretended foreign policy of good-neighborly non-interference. It’s impossible to take seriously all the assurances, pledges and convictions of humanity from the leaders of the country, where the “selective justice” prevails and executive, law-enforcement, investigative and judicial authorities engage in service to slavocracy only.

Everything which happens in Russia today completely repeats to the whole mankind the screenplay of violent struggle of Soviet authority and Communistic regime against its own people and all free-thinking people of occupied Countries! The history repeats itself! Everyone makes his own choice and bears responsibility for it… In our opinion, the undeclared Civil War has been already launched!


The international organization of Baltic Memorial would like to offer you the services of its legal department to help with your efforts to acquire information on people of interest to you from the former Soviet Union. The aim of Baltic Memorial is to overcome the difficulties that individuals would encounter on their own when trying to find information that would exist in different archives as well as with organizations and structures located on the territory of the former USSR.


Memorial is an international historical, cultural and human rights research organization that has existed for 20 years. Its objectives are the research of people and their life stories, the establishment of unbiased historical truth, the protection of the memory of politically repressed victims of totalitarian governments, the rehabilitation of illegally convicted individuals, the reestablishment of their reputation, and financial restitution. Memorial has offices located in 96 towns throughout Russia, Belarus and Ukraine and collaborative partnerships with similar organizations within the former Soviet Union. Over the past 20 years of its work, Memorial has created free-access museum collections, documentary collections and specialized libraries. It was due to the initiative of Memorial that both a commemorative stone Solovetski was installed on the Lubyanskaya Place in Moscow and that a law was passed on the rehabilitation of political repression victims which re-established the life story and dignity for hundreds of citizens of the former Soviet Union and also foreigners. Memorial is constantly giving legal, moral and, if possible, financial assistance to the people who were interned in Soviet prisons and forced labour camps. Memorial conducts extensive research work in the archives of state and police organizations including the Goulag, Cheka, OGPU, NKVD, MGB, and KGB.  It keeps statistics on past political repressions in the Soviet Union and studies the history and current state of the dissident resistance. With the help of observer groups present in hot spots, Memorial collects factual materials, checks, analyses and publishes data on current human rights violations. Memorial has written and published dozens of books, magazine and newspaper articles, produced radio programs and created exhibitions dedicated to both the former decades of tragedies and current attempts to infringe on the rights, freedoms and dignities of the citizens of the USSR, Russia, and foreign citizens.

The specialists of Baltic Memorial have a wide experience in genealogical research throughout the former Soviet Union. We would like to offer you the following services:

   1. tracing your ancestry and exploring your family history;

   2. creating your family tree;

   3. searching for your ancestors, lost relatives or unknown living relatives,

   4. searching for a wide range of documents in different archives.

We would also like to offer our services in the field of probate research to legal professionals, trust departments of banks, and others to settle estates. University degrees in Law and extensive experience in archive research along with a wide network of partner organizations allow us to achieve excellent results in identifying and locating missing or unknown heirs.